Benefits of Using Muscle Stimulators

Benefits of Using Muscle Stimulators

If you are a frequent reader of our content, you probably have seen on our website that our Absonic conductive gel is a great addition to use with electric muscle stimulation (EMS). If you are not sure about what we are talking about, keep reading because we will answer all your questions about the benefits of using EMS.  

Let’s start with the basics, what is electric muscle stimulation? This technology has been used since the 1960s, but recent technological advances have refined this procedure and made it popular and accessible for everyone. 

Electric muscle stimulation (also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation) is a therapeutic procedure that consists of sending electrical pulses into specific muscles and nerves to stimulate them to contract similarly to when you are working out. These contractions in your muscles increase blood flow and induce the repairing of stressed muscles.  

Most people can use this type of device, but it’s popular among athletes and people who want to reach a higher level of training performance because it helps you to recover faster, increases your muscular strength, and reduces the chances of getting muscular injuries. 


This will depend on each individual, but it’s normal to hear that receiving electric muscle stimulations feels like tingling or like soft pinching from pins or needles (nothing unbearable), but here is where the Absonic magic comes to the rescue. Even though it’s expected to at least feel your muscles contract, there are some things you can do to make it a more comfortable experience.  

One of them is using a high-quality gel with the proper viscosity to serve as a conductor and at the same time protect your skin from electric discomfort.  

Absonic has the right formula to get the most out of your EMS treatments and elevate your workout routine. Our gel pads are an ideal option for this type of device and you can also try our conductive gel bottles for other microcurrent treatments. 



You probably know that horrible feeling when you start to work out, and the next day you feel like you can’t move. Well, electric muscle stimulation can be useful because it can help to reduce muscle pain and maximize recovery. 

This is because EMS stimulates your muscles to contract. This action increases the blood flow in your body and sends a signal to your nerve cells to naturally regenerate and help the muscle recover faster.  

This type of therapy can be applied to individuals after regular workouts and also to people who need to recover from an illness or surgery and have limited movement. In these cases, muscles can become stiff and weak after a while. However, electric muscle stimulation can work as a key to re-educate the muscles to keep functioning as they should and prevent deformities due to prolonged time in bed. 


Electric muscle stimulation is not a substitute for regular power training. However, it has shown to be an effective complement to your training to increase your muscular contraction and strength.   

A study in Russia showed that electrical muscle stimulation produced greater isometric force than voluntary muscle contractions. The improvement in the individuals that used EMS increased as high as 40% more than when they did only regular training.  

Athletes and people who exercise often can benefit from electric muscle stimulation to improve their performance, speed, force, and strength. 


Since EMS helps improve recovery and heal muscles, it can be a great option to offer relief from cramps. This type of device can remove lactic acid from the muscles to help them to relax and speed their recovery.  

Electric muscle stimulation basically keeps the tissue loose to decrease the chances of having cramps or spasms. Studies have shown that using this treatment can prevent painful cramps by 78%, which can be a solution for athletes who suffer from tense muscles due to their intense training or even people with conditions that have cramps as a symptom. 


Research found that electric muscle stimulation is an effective therapy to improve the range of motion in people who suffer from a stroke. EMS was applied to different areas of the patients' bodies, and the results were positive. The involved professionals recommended this treatment as an aftercare plan for stroke patients.  


If you are here, you probably know that microcurrent devices are one of our biggest recommendations to improve your skin appearance. Since EMS causes muscles to contract, it can help you improve your facial tone and give you a more sculpted look.  

The frequent use of muscle stimulation on your face can be like a workout and help you have a firmer and lifted complexion, making you look younger and preventing the early signs of age. 


Even though EMS alone does not lead to significant weight loss, it can work as a complementary therapy to preserve muscle mass and prevent looseness.  

Since it induces the muscle to contract, it helps keep it in movement and preserve its tissue and form. This can work for people who have lost weight and have sagging tissue, and those with limited movement due to incapacity, as well as patients in intensive care units (ICU) or rehabilitation programs. 


The most considerable advantage electric muscle stimulation has is that it is a non-invasive practice, you can do it by yourself at home, and it doesn’t have side effects.  

EMS is an alternative that you can try with no risks. It’s not invasive, so you won’t have to worry about complicated things like recovery time, resting, or giving your body time to process the treatment. The voltage dosage for these devices is safe; however, you should always speak to a medical professional before starting so he or she can give you the green light. 

This treatment is versatile, so you can actually receive it at a professional facility or in the comfort of your home with your own device. If you decide to buy an EMS machine, always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions so you can have a clear overview of how to use the product.  

For best results and better comfort, remember to always use Absonic conductive gels or gel pads to take your workout routine to the next level and get the most benefits from your electric muscle stimulation device.