5 Quick-and-Easy 10-Minute Workouts

5 Quick-and-Easy 10-Minute Workouts

If you are constantly thinking you do not have time to exercise, think again. That’s right: you can exercise your whole body in just 10 minutes! Below you will find five workouts you can do in a ten-minute session so read on and you will be on the path to a healthier and happier life.


So, if you don’t have 10 minutes then here are some basic exercises you can fit in throughout your day!

  1. Squats: these are great for the butt and thighs; TIP: try to keep your back straight and do not let your knees extend over your toes.

  2. Push-Ups: push-ups are the way to go if you want to build your arm and abdominal muscles.

  3. Lunges/Reverse Lunges: these are a fantastic way to work your legs, glutes, abdominal muscles, and thighs

  4. Calf Raises: these exercises are great for your legs and calves

  5. Crunches: crunches target both your upper and lower abs to give you a complete ab workout (TIP: do not tuck your neck into your chest as you rise and do not use your hands to pull your neck back up)

  6. Obliques: obliques tone your whole body! (TIP: keep your lower back pressed to the floor and make sure your knees stay bent together)

  7. Mountain Climbers: these are great for training the core and is perfect for low cardio workouts


The classic total body workout is tailored for beginners, but anyone can do it if they need a quick and effective exercise session!

The goal is to do as many rounds (or reps) as possible in 10 minutes. The exercises include push-ups, squats, planks, mountain climbers, and crunches.

To balance out the 10 minutes, we recommend doing each of these exercises for 2 minutes and resting for 30 seconds after each rep.


If you are looking for some quick exercises to fit into your morning, this workout is perfect for you! This routine includes a morning stretch, squats, push-ups, and planks.

Each of these exercises should be repeated 2 times each: 1 minute of push-ups, 1 minute of holding a plank position, 1 minute of squats, and 2 minutes of stretching.


Exercising doesn’t require fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership – you can work out with just your body!

The goal of the bodyweight workout is to do 5 reps of each exercise and complete each rep in 2 minutes. You should aim to do 5 burpees, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, and 20 jump squats.


This exercise may only have 2 moves but it is a total cardio workout that will get your heart pumping and blood flowing!

Repeat each step 5 times: push-ups for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, squat jumps for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat until 10 minutes (or 5 reps) has been completed.


Get prepared for an effective workout session because this set of “crazy 8’s” is sure to make you energized!

The exercise consists of 4 moves: squats, reverse lunges, double crunches, and mountain climbers. Repeat these for 2 reps each, and rest for 30 seconds in between.


Exercise doesn’t require a lot of money or a ton of equipment. In fact, there are plenty of exercises you can do without a gym membership, and you don’t need to spend an hour to get a full body workout. These 5 exercises take only 10 minutes – and they are pretty simple!